The Microscope, Hair And Fibers

15 PowerPoint slides

–  A briefing that is aligned to the slideshow (approximately 50 words per slide)

-Add picture to all slides


Submit the PowerPoint presentation and a Word document containing the slide-by-slide briefing.

Assignment: Powerpoint Training Assignment

You are tasked to provide a briefing to newly assigned forensic laboratory technicians. They have experience in using instrumentation, but no experience in processing the items common to a police crime lab.

This briefing is about hair samples and use of the microscope in analyzing hair. Specifically, during a microscopic comparison of two hairs, a trace analyst compares the medullae of the hairs to determine species of origin and, if possible, human origin of the hairs.

At a minimum, cover the following topics:

  • Demonstrate the difference between the medullae of human and animal hairs.
  • Name and show one exception to this among humans that may help in these determinations.
  • Explain how to differentiate between Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid hair samples.

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