The Minutemen and their World The purpose of this assignment is to measure 

Instructions for Book Essay

The Minutemen and their World The purpose of this assignment is to measure

your ability to analyze and explain key themes in the book.  It is  NOT designed to determine how well you can find and regurgitate OTHER people’s analyses of the book.  Therefore, please be forewarned that plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the course

(see syllabus).

Keep in mind that taking someone else’s analysis and merely changing a word here and there is still plagiarism. I WILL be checking for plagiarism using a very good internet-based program, so don’t do it! You may use direct quotes from

The Minutemen; no other sources are to be used.  Be sparing in your use of

direct quotes; keep them short and to a minimum.  I’m much more interested in your analysis and summation than in reading dozens of direct quotes daisy chained together.


Type double-spaced in MLA format, using in-text citations (If you are unfamiliar with this format, click on this link for guidance and examples.) Include a Works Cited page, which will contain a single entry, The Minutemen book. Length (body):

800 words minimum, 1000 words maximum (I will only grade the first 1000 words.)


a standard 12 font such as Ariel or New Times Roman

Save your essay as a file in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) and turn it in to the appropriate Canvas assignment item. (Be sure to include your last name as part of your file name.) Here is your

prompt:Describe how Concord’s involvement in the Revolutionary War affected

the town politically and economically as follows.First, explain the political changes

occurring in Concord both during and after the Revolution.  Then, explain the economic changes the town experienced during and after the Revolution. Conclude with a paragraph answering this question:  “Which mattered more, the

political or the economic changes?  Why?”

Grading Rubric for Essay* Overall organization of essay and writing clarity (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.)


Political effects of the Revolution -logic of arguments and support with relevant

examples from during and after the Revolution


Economic effects of the Revolution-logic of arguments and support with relevant

examples from during and after the Revolution


Conclusion-clarity of argument



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