the Passion of Perpetua and Felicity

1. Briefly explain 3 things that the Passion of Perpetua and Felicity show us about the nature of early Catholicism. You must use a quote from the story to support each of your answers. In other words, your answer will consist of 3 (or more) short (1-2 sentence) quotations from the Passion, and then you will tell me what you learned about early Catholicism from this quote.

Learning activity

Towards the end of the Roman Empire in the West, we briefly focused on the rise of Christianity; a new religion that threatened long established Roman political and religious institutions. That is, until Roman emperors, starting with Constantine, came to accept this rapidly growing new sect as their own.

In this chapter, we will talk about the rise of Christianity, its early belief structure, its mass appeal, and the ways in which Christianity helped lead to the downfall of Rome and the rise of Medieval Europe.

2. Briefly describe 3 ways in which the Merovingian rulers and the Catholic Church worked together to hold Merovingian society together.

Each of your answers must include how both the Merovingian kings and the Catholic Church (or any of the officials within the Church), worked TOGETHER. I’m not looking for just how the kings kept society in line, or how the Church did. What are three things they did together?

You may use bullet points.


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