the Progressive Era

The presentations yesterday and today covered these three important women in the Progressive Era: Ida Wells, Lillian Wald and Emma Goldman. We briefly covered some areas of activity that they were, respectively, involved in.

What I would like from you is to do some additional research on any one of the three and tell me something more about them. You can choose to focus on their overall life’s work, or a particular issue that they spoke out in favor of (or against). Examples of what you could write about: Wells’ role in the National Negro Conference and formation of the NAACP; Wald’s advocacy of nursing, especially in public schools; Goldman’s advocacy on behalf of female contraception or same-sex relations (for Goldman, leave alone her life after 1920, when she was not in the U. S., unless you chose to write about her reaction to the Sacco and Vanzetti trial and executions).

Two or three paragraphs should suffice, but I’m looking for more than just a few sentences in each.


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