The United States is a land of immigrants and cultures

Task 9

Final Project

Work on your final project.

Complete final draft of Project

The United States is a land of immigrants and cultures. Various cultures have made up the nation that we see today. Please complete your final project in which you write a short (3-4 page double spaced) background of the immigration of the following groups to the US: Irish and Germans in the 1800s, Jewish and Italian immigrants in the late 1800s/early 1900s, Chinese in the 1800s, and Vietnamese in the 1960s and 1970s. Write a brief background of each group, why they came to the US (what were the factors pushing or pulling them here?), and their impact on the US.

Then, come up with a clear main argument/thesis about immigration to the US. Use the format described in this video:

Write about 2-3 pages arguing your thesis about immigration and its role in the US. Here are some questions you can consider: How does immigration impact the US today? What groups are coming to the US and why? What is the reaction of people already here? What attempts are made to stop immigration? How does immigration impact the US economy?

You should have a total of about 5-7 pages as well as a bibliography. In addition, you need to create a Powerpoint of about 6-10 slides illustrating the history of immigration to the US.


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