There are advantages and disadvantages of MNCs

There are advantages and disadvantages of MNCs( A multinational corporation or company) evaluate . MNCS bought advantages + disadvantages to countries. give EXAMPLES for each point u make . (e.g : this company helped this country in creating jobs- u should mention the name of the company + country +how many jobs )

Include in this essay:

definition of MNCs

Advantages to explore:

Economic growth and employments .with examples

Making the local area more attractive to new investment. give examples

skills, production techniques and improvements in the quality of human  capital

Disadvantages to explore:

Many new jobs might go to workers from other countries., the number of new jobs depends on the type of investments

Pollution and environmental damage.

Answer these Questions:

Do MNCs locate in poorer countries only?If not explain why, using examples

What are MNCs?Give 5 examples of it ( introduction part maybe)

please use simple english because i need to learn it by heart

limit the words as possible as u can

no reference needed


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