There are three different types of muscle tissue

How do you think “British Culture” differs from “North American Culture”? Isn’t the latter largely a ramification of the former? How do these cultures differ from the culture of your own country (if you happen to have been born in another country)? Why?

There are three different types of muscle tissue. List the three different types and tell me where you find them and what their major function is. There are three pathological curvatures of the spine. List all three with a description of each. Tell me why you think that having an abnormally curved spine my adversely affect a person’s quality of life. 250 word minimum. Please have your initial post up by Wednesday and use the rest of the week to reply to two of your fellow students posts. Make sure to use proper APA if this information is not from your own head. It is okay to use outside information but it is not okay to not give credit to those whom you are using it from. Please post to this original thread. Do NOT create a new thread for your post. A significant amount of points will be deducted if your post is not found in this thread. Do not post answer as an attachment.


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