Trade Aspects – Data Collection

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3)     Regional Business Environment

a)     Region’s Political Economy: (id comparative advantages)

i)      Consultative/Democratic/Advisory

ii)     Depth of integration; (identify & discuss)position on spectrum

(1)  Free Trade Area (tending to) >

(2)  Customs Union(tending to) >

(3)  Common Market (tending to) >

(4)  Economic Union (tending to) >

(a)  Financial

(b)  Monetary , (tending to)>

(5)  Political Union

iii)   Common institutions (that work)

(1)  IDBs, micro-banks, etc.

(2)  Local and regional Markets

(a)  Financial,

(b)  Commodity

(c)   Capital

(d)  Labour

(3)  Infrastructural investments

(4)  Educational

(5)  Legal

(a)  Enforcement of contract & property rights

(i)    Institutional capacities

1.     (describe the) Nominal vs.

2.     (discuss the) Realities

(6)  Other

iv)   Key political actors / stakeholders

(1)  Parties

(2)  Nationalist movements

(3)  Public opinion

(4)  Consumers

(5)  Labour unions

(6)  Employer & Investor interests

(7)  Indigenous/First Nations interests

(8)  Other, e.g.

(a)  Fair Trade,

(b)  NGOs

(c)   Development agencies,

(d)  Environmental interests


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