Training Your Mind Ted Talk Questions

Watch the Ted Talk on YouTube entitled “To Reach Beyond Your Limits by Training Your Mind” by Marisa Peer and answer the following questions.

Link to the video available here:

Be sure that your responses are adequately thorough and detailed. Some of the answers may just be fill-in the blank while others clearly require more detail and full sentences. It might be helpful to take notes while watching the video in order to appropriately answer the questions below. Keep in mind that the questions are asked in order of the video’s progression, making it easier to identify the answer.

Most of the answers to the questions below come directly from the Ted Talk video. There are a few questions which are considered “Personal Reflection” questions and are thus indicated as such in parentheses to avoid any confusion.


1.At the beginning of the Ted Talk, what does the speaker share is the “most important collaboration you will ever get”?

2.According to the speaker, “When you can collaborate with your mind and tell it what you want, you will…” (Fill in the “…”)

3.According to the speaker, what are the “four things you need to know about your mind, (in order) to have success at every level”?

4.The speaker states, “if you want to succeed at any level, you have got to make…” (Fill in the “…”)

5.In regards to your mind doing what it thinks you want it to do, what is the significance of the words/language we use with ourselves?

6.According to the speaker, when you say things like, “I am dying under the pressure” or “this workload is killing me,” what are you essentially telling your mind? And what will your mind end up doing as a result of this conclusion?

7.According to the Ted Talk, “if you haven’t got what you want, it’s because you use words like…” (Fill in the “…”)

8.What words does the speaker share “will change your life” (instead of complaining and saying “I don’t want to do this,” “I hate doing this,” etc.)?

9.According to the speaker, instead of saying “I hate this, it’s so boring, so hard, so difficult,” you have to say “I love it, I love it, even…” (Fill in the “…”)

10.In your own words, describe why you think it is important to shift the dialogue we use with ourselves in the ways the speaker is describing in his portion of the Ted Talk? (Personal Reflection)

11.The speaker shares some examples of how this sort of self-talk can either undermine your success or contribute to it. Share an example from your own life in which either your negative self-talk (i.e., improper collaboration with your mind) has led to a failure or when your positive self-talk (i.e., proper collaboration with your mind) helped you succeed. (Personal Reflection)

12.According to the speaker, what is the problem with linking pain to things like studying, speaking in public, etc.?

13.Who is the “only person who can choose every day what is pain and pleasure?”

14.According to the speakers, “you have got to tell your mind exactly what you want, and you’ve got to link…” (Fill in the “…”)

15.Given the above statement and the examples shared by the speaker, share at least one way in which you might be able to apply this principle in your own life? How might you benefit from its application? (Personal Reflection)

16.According to the Ted Talk, why is it possible for two people to be in the exact same situation (e.g., in an airplane) and be having two totally different experiences?

17.The speaker states, “you have to change your thinking and change your words because the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself…” (Fill in the “…”)

18.The speaker states, “your body doesn’t care if what you tell it is…”

19.According to the Ted Talk, explain what sorts of unhelpful behaviors need to be made unfamiliar and what helpful behaviors need to be made familiar.

20.Reflecting on this concept, identify one behavior, attitude, or belief that you would like to make completely unfamiliar and one behavior, attitude, or belief that you would like to make completely familiar? (Personal Reflection)

21.What was the Muhammad Ali quote shared in the Ted Talk?

22.Referencing the above quote, indicate a time in which you have allowed your insecurities or fears to stand in your way from taking on a challenge. (Personal Reflection)

23.The speaker states, “first you make your beliefs, and then…” (Fill in the “…”)

24.According to the speaker, “your potential expands as…” (Fill in the “…”)

25.Now reflect on what you have learned from this Ted Talk and identify at least one way in which you can apply this in your life and what the benefit of this application might be. (Personal Reflection)


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