Trans-Saharan Trade with Ibn Battuta

What were Ibn Battuta and the Tuareg (his guides and camel bearers) trading that was so valuable and important?

2.    What kingdom did Ibn Battuta trade his salt with? Why was this important?

3.   Why  was the Timbuktu University so impressive for its time?

Venetian Trade and the Renaissance

4.  What European city became a key financial center and what began there?

5.  Why was it critical that Pietro Venier catch the thief Enrico?

Red Turban Uprising and the Founding of the Ming Dynasty

6.  Zhu Yanzhang, his wife Ma (model for Mulan), and Jiao Yu planned an uprising in China.  What new technology did Jiao

Yu invent that would help them in the uprising and change history?

7.  Ming means “bright”.  Why did  Zhu Yanzhang name his new dynasty the Ming Dynasty?

Johannes Guttenberg and the Printing Press

8.  Before the invention of the printing press, books were very expensive and rare.  Describe how books were created

BEFORE the printing press.

9.  The first book printed on the Guttenberg Printing Press was the Holy Bible.  Why do you think this book was chosen to

be printed first?


10. What book inspired Columbus to go exploring?

11.  Why did Columbus ask Ferdinand and Isabella to finance his voyage in 1492?  What was important to them in that year

that helped him get money from them?


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