Week 10 Discussion Forum

Complete your Week 10 discussion prompt by Monday, 11:59pm with a minimum of 250 words and minimum 1 reference in APA format.


For Week 10, you will reply to the following questions by writing a one paragraph (four to five sentences) response. While it is not required to respond to your peers, you may do so if you would like. This response is due no later than Monday, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time), and is worth 20 points.

Define Physiology. How will the knowledge of physiology play into your career role? Make sure to include an example like how oxygen works in metabolism, how insulin regulates blood sugar, how blood transports both oxygen and carbon dioxide, how the body regulates blood pressure, or how sodium, potassium, calcium or chloride are important in electricity traveling through the brain or heart. Use a clinical example of how disrupted homeostasis can be restored by ONE physiological mechanism that you learned in class.

What aspect of physiology do you feel will be the most important moving forward in your career as a nursing student and then as a healthcare practitioner?


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