Week 4 Disenfranchised Grief Discussion HW

I need a 400 words post based on the attached files and videos. And a reply to other post.


  • After reading this module’s resources, the chapter, video, and on-line grief support website and article(s) that I provided, can you describe an experience that you observed someone else experience that could be described as disenfranchised grief after traumatic loss?
  • Write about your subjective experience in response to their trauma, your reaction to that experience, and what can be provided to help someone who experienced something like what the person you observed experienced. In your forum response make sure to include what we as mental health professionals can do to help the people we work with or will work with daily.
  • Remember that you need to explain how the video or website and article that you find links in with my resources and the course material related to the topic of “disenfranchised grief after traumatic loss”, and how you can use those resources and information to help others who have those types of experiences.

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