What are the business research methods?


Framing the Study

  1. What is the dissertation about and why is it important? Short overview explaining why anyone would want to undertake this study and why anyone should want to read it.
  2. What are your aim and objectives? Summarise what you want to achieve with the entire study (Aim), and the specific, short-term steps you will need to take to achieve this (Objectives).
  3. What is the theory you are using? Specify which theoretical body of knowledge you are basing your study within, and what are you using that theory to show.
  4. What is the context for the dissertation? Are you applying the theory to a particular business, industry, sector, country, etc.? Why is this an appropriate context?

You do not necessarily need to specify a theoretical framework, but you should be able to articulate relevant theories (and frameworks) arising in the literature that are relevant to your topic, and explain why they may or may not be suitable.


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