What is Cultural Relativism Theory?

Once you have finished the reading for the week you can head to the discussion board and answer one of the following questions (remember to take notes on the discussion board throughout the week!):

    1. On pages 17 and 18 Rachels provides a formalized argument for cultural relativism and then explains who two of the premises contracted one another. Explain the cultural relativism argument in your own words and how the argument contradicts itself, using your own example.
    2. According to our textbook the following are three consequences of cultural relativism:
      1. We could no longer say that the customs of other societies are morally inferior to our own.
      2. We could no longer criticize the code of our own society.
      3. The idea of moral progress is called into doubt.

Defend cultural relativism by explaining how at least two of these consequences do not follow from cultural relativism.

  1. A notable argument against moral relativism is that cultures actually do have a lot in common morally (and in custom). Explain how this is an argument against relativism and provide examples.

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