What is the Philosophical Concepts of Ignorance and Blame?

Respond to one of these prompts and be clear about which one you are referring to (and please also remember that you must post two replies to other students’ posts every week in order to get full credit):

PROMPT #1: GETTIER PROBLEM FOR KNOW-THAT. What is the Gettier Problem for knowledge-that? Come up with your own Gettier example. How effective are Gettier examples in refuting the standard account of knowledge as justified true belief?

PROMPT #2: GETTIER PROBLEM FOR KNOW-HOW. Come up with your own Gettier example for know-how. Is know-how constrained by anti-luck intuitions in the same same way know-that is? Explain your answer.

PROMPT #3: GETTIER SOLUTIONS: Which of the four strategies discussed in class best solves the Gettier Problem and why? Note: rather than discussing all four strategies you should concentrate on the one you find most plausible. If you think that the strategy of your choice can be improved, explain how. Let us know if you have an original solution to the Gettier problem.

PROMPT #4: IGNORANCE & BLAME: When does factual ignorance work as a moral excuse? Explain your answer in detail.


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