What was the effect of Banning Use of Plastic Bags in Bakersfield?


Your manager, Lena, sends a follow-up response to your email.

She wants to know what you think the most effective, targeted strategy/idea/approach (henceforth referred to as “strategy”) is for fighting plastic pollution in your local community,[1] and why you think this strategy will work for your community. She emphasizes that the strategy should not attempt to fix the entire plastic pollution problem; she wants you to think about a targeted approach, idea, or solution that could become a piece of the plastic pollution puzzle.

To answer this question, you decide to put all of the information into an easy to navigate table (provided below), which you explain in your opening (you will write the opening to the email to Lena).

  • Resources for this information have been provided for you in Canvas
  • For countries outside of the US, you may need to look up some more specific information through the government sites of your country if the required information is not available.
  • The resources page can be found in the February module in Canvas. A link is also provided here: RESOURCES: Demographic and Socioeconomic Information Sources
    • If the link the to resources page above does not work, then go to the February module and access the information there.
    • If any links on the Resources page do not work, use a search engine to search for the website.
      • These resources are provided to you as a courtesy so that you do not have to spend time figuring out reliable sources for the information required in the assignment. The links guide you to helpful sites, not specific answers.

[1] Your “local community” can be where you currently reside, or where you have spent most of your life. For example, if you currently reside in Tampa for school but spent most of your life elsewhere, feel free to think about solutions for that “elsewhere” if you more strongly identify with that place. We are more likely to develop smart, strong solutions if they will affect the people and places we know and love.


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