When Culture Colide

Introduction and Alignment

Practices that might be considered illegal or unethical in the United States are often legal and even encouraged in some foreign countries.

Upon completion of this assignment you should be able to:

  • See the Workshop Three Outcomes.

Background Information

  • How do these policies and procedures affect health care?  How might cultural health beliefs challenge your practice decisions?  Consider the following health practices or beliefs:
    Severe weight gain restrictions during pregnancy.
    Illness is the result of Devine Will rather than cancer or risk behaviors.
    The hot/cold dimension of illness and treatment.
    Decisions for health diagnosis and treatment come from the male head of the house.
    Female circumcision


  1. Select one of the health practices or beliefs listed above, or chose one of your own and prepare a three-four page paper (plus  five references) discussing how/if you would manage a patient’s health care differently in order to ensure cultural competence.
  2. When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself and submit a copy to your instructor using the 3.4 Dropbox by day seven of the workshop.

Click here to access the Dropbox.

Assessment Criteria

Assessed Item


Discussion of how you would provide culturally competent care for this patient.


Discussion of barriers to providing care for this patient.


Minimum of five references.


Accurate spelling, grammar; references APA format.


Total Points



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