Which of the following is the correct pathway of memory

Which of the following is the correct pathway of memory? (Points : 1)

Sensory memory, attention, working memory

Attention, sensory memory, working memory

Sensory memory, working memory, attention

Attention, working memory, sensory memory

Which of the following meanings of “mommy” is an example of a holophrase? (Points : 1)

“Where are my parents?”

“Come here and bring me some cookies and milk.”

“Where is my mother?”

“Come here, mother.”

Trace conditioning occurs when the conditioned stimulus (CS) is presented _____ the unconditioned stimulus (US). (Points : 1)

before, but not during,

before the US and continues during


at the same time as

When baby Frances says, “daaa,” her father says, “Yes, I’m daddy!” Eventually, thanks to her father’s continuous reinforcement, Frances will finally say “daddy.” This gradual development of language is known as (Points : 1)

the language acquisition device.



interactionist theory.

As a result of John Watson’s conditioning techniques, Little Albert was frightened not only of a white rat, but also of rabbits, fur coats, and Santa Claus’s beard. These fears illustrate (Points : 1)

spontaneous recovery.


stimulus generalization.

stimulus discrimination.

Kelly always asks her dog, “Wanna go for a walk?” before taking him for a walk. When she says this, the dog wags his tail and runs to Kelly. In this scenario, “Wanna go for a walk?” is a(n) (Points : 1)

unconditioned stimulus.

conditioned response.

conditioned stimulus.

unconditioned response.

The “k” sound in the words cat, scrap, or ski is an example of one of the _____ of a language. (Points : 1)





Which of the following is one of the underlying principles of cognitive psychology? (Points : 1)

Learning is based on the relationship between stimulus and response.

Previously acquired skills are unrelated to new learning.

Learning involves thought and imagination.

All learners are equal.

In Sperling’s classic study of sensory memory, participants recalled an average of approximately _____ of a set of 12 letters. However, reporting only a random portion of the letters revealed that the full capacity sensory memory is closer to _____ of the entire set. (Points : 1)

5%; 25%

35%; 75%

50%; 95%

10%; 45%

False memory syndrome suggests that we may not be able to trust _____ as an explanation of forgetting. (Points : 1)



retrieval cue failure


Stern’s rubber-band hypothesis helps explain the relationship between _____ and _____ in determining intelligence. (Points : 1

experience; neurotransmitters

genes; race

genes; neurotransmitters

experience; genes

Vincent has been a football coach at Faber College since 1990. Recently, all the players on the 1990 team visited him to honor his time at the school. Because Vincent has coached so many other players since then, he has trouble remembering all the names of the players from 1990. His forgetting is due to (Points : 1)


proactive interference.

retrieval cue failure.

retroactive interference.

When you arrive in class, your professor asks, “Did you see a bird sitting in a tree on your way here?” You are not sure because you had not been paying attention. What is most likely is that the bird, like most of what you saw, entered your _____ memory. (Points : 1)





You are one of seven finalists for a job. Because of the primacy effect, you know that you will make the biggest impression if you are the _____ person interviewed. (Points : 1)





Natasha is 8-years-old but is performing at the level of a 10-year-old. Her IQ is (Points : 1)





The belief that intelligence can improve through work and effort is known as _____ theory. (Points : 1)





Arthur is given a list of random words, including tiger, suitcase, and banana

to remember. He remembers each word by mentally “placing” it somewhere in his bedroom. He imagines a tiger on his bed, a suitcase on a chair, and a banana on a nightstand. Arthur is using the _____ method of remembering. (Points : 1)






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