Write an essay on Myers Briggs Personality Types

Assignment # 3: Myers-Briggs Personality Types


This paper is worth 10 points. Your paper should be typed, 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1-1.5 pages long, and include a title page. Please underline and bold any course terms you use in your reflection. This paper will be read/graded for both content and format. I reserve the right to take points away if it is poorly written or there are numerous proofreading mistakes. If you do not take this assignment seriously, then I can subtract points. You should always proofread your paper at least twice: once for content and once for format.


First, go to the web address http://www.humanmetrics.com/ and click on the top left box titled, “Personality Test – Jung, Briggs Myers Type.” Read the directions and take the test by marking where you fall on the statements. At the end your personality type will be listed. Click the different options that describe your personality type in different situations.

Questions to Consider when Writing:

Was it accurate? Were you honest while answering the statements? What do you think now? Do you see yourself differently? If it was accurate, how? What did you learn about yourself? If it was inaccurate, how? Why do you feel it was not accurate? Explain anything that you learned from taking this test and reflecting on the results.

You do not have to answer all of these questions; you can answer some of these questions, or you can answer none of these questions. It is up to you. Give it a little bit of thought and reflection and give me your honest ideas of what you have learned or contemplated while taking this test and writing a quick reflection about you and your personality! You should connect your thoughts to concepts discussed in class and the textbook thus far. I am looking for connection to course content (Communication and the self, especially) throughout this reflection.


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